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Globally recognized worldwide 


BakeWithChef, an online class to teach anyone to become a pastry chef was founded by 2 individuals, one an Executive Master Chef Niklesh who loves teaching others how to make pastries. Every year, he receives thousands of emails from all over the world asking him to conduct classes, creating online programs, recipe and tips.

The other Angeline, who loves baking and being in the kitchen but has been struggling to get top notch recipes right. Although there are tons of free resource online, the recipe and steps is hard to follow and have not been tried and tested professionally.

In BakeWithChef, you can learn exactly what full time students learn in Pastry schools. Thought by experience Chefs, you can go through these recipes at your home or your kitchen at your own pace. All these recipes are tried and tested again and again and our participating students have gone on to use these recipes in their own cafes, 5-star hotels, competitions, events or just simply just to share with family and friends. This guarantee 100 % success in replication of the recipes in your home.

All you need to do is follow our video recipes, the chef’s instruction and refer back if you need to have a repeat. We have a comment section in the videos for you to ask any questions. The products and equipment we used in the recipes are readily available in most countries. If in doubt we are happy to help.

With this site, we wish you all the best in your upcoming video learning and take your first steps as a chef. Being in the kitchen is therapeutic when you have the right guidance.



Learn from the best chef

You will be learning from our experience master chefs who have won numerous global awards to make the best pastries,cakes and chocolates. You can also ask questions to our chefs. The class is ideal for existing professional chefs, cafe owners or baking enthusiast

Bakewith chef learn anytime



With high definition video classes together with a downloadable workbook, you can replay specific video recipes anytime in your kitchen and keep impriving to make the bake right



The recipes and ingredients here have been tried and tested in 5 star hotels and cafes around the world. We try to use a majority of ingredients and equipments that can be generally found anywhere in the world.



And because of our global experience, the difference between us and other free channels is you safe time with refined process and you do not need to aggregate and average out what those channels say.



Flexible and easy learning

  • Flexible and easy learning, based individual topics or recipes.
  • Instructions are short and sweet with videos ranging from 8 to 20 min long depending on recipe. o Proven and established recipes or those recipes that are in trend.
  • Learn what a student learns in professional pastry school.
  • Trained by award-winning international pastry chefs, master chefs, World Pastry champions and MOF
  • Easy access through computer, tablet or mobile at a fraction of the price of a physical class cost.




Who themselves loves the art of baking and making pastries 

Niklesh Sharma

Niklesh Sharma [ Co-Founder ]

  • An executive chef and founder of Academy of Pastry Arts, a top pastry school with locations in Malaysia, Philippines, India and soon Singapore.


Angeline San

Angeline San [ Co-Founder ]

  • An experience entrepreneur who finds it hard to get a proper pastry recipe online. So she decided to start this website to help other passionate home bakers/chef.


About our Partner Pastry School: The Academy of Pastry Arts.

Globally recognized worldwide 

This is an international pastry school headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with campuses in India and Philippines (and potentially soon to expand to Australia or other parts of Asia), where students are trained from Basic to Advance Level. They are a skill based pastry school with a hands on approach, backed up by theory and coaching, they look for passionate, attentive and driven individuals who want to learn something creative and innovative helping the students in building a great career. The faculty of Pastry chefs can be compared with any pastry school in the world including those from France, a staff strength of 40 full time and world-renowned Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) visiting guest chefs. They are now partnering this site to share their experience with you.

Some of their student achievements:

• National Pastry Champion 2011
• Gold Medalist FHM 2013
• Asia Pastry Champion 2014
• 4th in World Pastry Cup (Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie) 2014
• Best Culinary/ Pastry school 2014 by World Gourmet Summit, Singapore
• 4th in the World Pastry Cup 2015
• 2nd in World Pastry Cup 2016 (Modial des Sucre)
• 2nd in Asia Pastry Cup 2016
• 6th in World Pastry Cup 2017

We are a growing startup that is constantly hiring and if you are interested to join the family be it as a user to a guest chef or interested to be a permanent faculty, we are more than happy to have a chat with you.


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A premier award to the best chefs


You will notice that some of our chefs featured in Bakewithchef have the MOF title and wears the tri-colour of the France blue-white-red in the collar of the chef's coat. The Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (MOF) title or translated in English, the Best Craft in France is a very prestigious title and deemed to be the highest distinction for a chef. 

Think of it as the Football World Cup in the chef's world where every 4 years, they come together to compete.  During the grueling competition which spans over 3-4 days, chefs work under constant scrutiny by MOF status master judges and the critical palates of some of the world’s most renowned chefs evaluate their elaborate pastries. 

The award is usually presented to the chef by the French Prime Minister.

To qualify, one must be a French citizen or have resided in France for over 10 years.  These chefs are constantly improving their skills in the quest of excellence in their profession. 

And we bring not one but a few of the best in the world right here to teach you online at Bake With Chef. 



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