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Did you know Brownies originate from chocolate cake?

1. Brownie Origins

Most people know Brownies, which is a must have in cafes and a favorite baked treats among many bakers but they never knew the origins. Even some chefs are not aware that Brownies originated from the chocolate cake. It was an accidental recipe by a pastry chef.  While making a chocolate cake, he added extra sugar, and the final result on the cake texture came out different but in very good way. And with that little mistake, brownies existed.

2. Sweetness

With the extra sugar, many of us complaint about the high level of sweetness in brownies but unfortunately it’s not advisable to reduce the sugar content. Therefore, to counter the sweetness issue, a baker can use a higher cocoa content powder, for example from 55% of dark chocolate increase it to 75-80% dark chocolate. This works where the bitterness of the cocoa covers the sweetness. We have got some bakers you mentioned they forgot and just add cocoa powder instead of the cocoa content. This method won’t be effective.

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