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Part 1. Introduction

BakeWithChef is an online website created by Chefs to teach you how to bake certain recipes and make famous pastries in an easy to understand manner via online courses thought by Master Chefs. You can learn it at your own pace and ask questions or comments. Come view or search our courses available from the main page. You can sign up as a learner (the course participant). BakeWithChef is an international website conducted in English and is open to anyone around the world.

- Ask your instructor Chef and get personalized responses. You can also participate in discussions with classmates viewing the same recipe. Participate in discussions with your classmates.

- Access supporting class materials.

- The recipe videos you have paid for is saved in your profile so that you can easily re-watch them and take video notes that you can refer back to anytime.

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. We hope you can put in practice what we thought you in your own kitchen and if there any questions or clarification, please do ask our Chefs.

Our students have used their new found knowledge in a variety of ways, from impressing their mother-in-laws to opening a new café or simply as a refresher course.

Some of our students have never baked or made pastries before, complete beginners whereas some are already Chefs themselves but requires some refreshers courses.

All our classes are conducted in an easy to understand manner for all levels.

The Chefs conducting these online classes are teachers themselves and some goes around the world to teach Chefs. Many have won numerous international awards.

We find that there is a gap in the market where although there are many who are sharing their recipes for free, many lack the fundamentals. And if you ever have experience trying to use homemade recipes, you will know it is a headache in trying to get things right.

Whereas in this site, our recipes are tried and tested around the world and used by Master Chefs. The art of making pastries is like science with specific steps and formulas. People pay thousands for our Chefs and many who have learnt from them have gone on to be chefs of famous hotels to having their own café. We are now giving that opportunity to people around the world in a more affordable manner.

All our baking and pastry classes/ sessions are online.

However, if you would like to learn in a physical setting, our website partner, the Academy of Pastry Arts has schools in Malaysia, India, Philippines with plan to expand further in Asia Pacific.

Yes, BakeWithChef will continue to expand its recipe classes with the goal of covering all the top and famous pastries available in most countries around the world. Best pastries are meant to be shared. If you are interested to be involved, have a chat about it or even request to teach on our platform, please get in touch via hello@BakeWithChef.com

Part 2. Participating in the online course

Getting Started

Signing up is easy! It will take you less than a minute by using Facebook or your email account. Just go to our sign-up button on the top right of the page, and there you can create an account.

All our Chefs in the platform are vetted before we produce their video. The Founders have personally interviewed each and everyone of them. Of course you can try looking using a combination of course/ activities that have reviews, organizers who have complete profiles, and a clear description of the course/ activity.


Once you have chosen your recipe, simply check out by filling in your credit card or PayPal at the check out page and your payment will be processed immediately.

We accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards via Paypal facility. We are working to expand this in the near future. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Some of you may have received coupon codes. Like many other websites, to apply your discount, you can simply click “Have a coupon code?” when you’re in your shopping cart. From there, you’ll be able to enter your specific coupon code to see the sale price applied before you check out. Note that coupon codes are used only 1 time and cannot be exchanged nor extended should the coupon expires.

Let us help you out, please re-check your credit card number entry and details and try that again. If that does not work, do contact your bank and check with them. Some common credit card problems include: incorrect entry of the credit card security code or CVV, exceeding the bank’s credit limit, expired cards...etc.

If you run into any trouble, do not hesitate to contact us by using our contact form page.


We hope you have enjoyed it! Please look out for our email to invite you to post a review about your experience and generally how you feel about the online class. We hope you will try and practice what you learn in your own kitchen. We value your point of view and feedback to share your experience with other users and for the Chef to improve their sharing skills next round. Be honest in your review but be appreciative and encouraging in your comments too!

Sorry to hear that! We hope all our users enjoy their online classes as much as we do. If you feel that the online classes did not meet the listing description, please write to us at hello@BakeWithChef.com and we will look into it. Don't hesitate to tell us!

We feel that reviews are a great way for users to tell us and our Chefs how they feel about the online classes they attended. After users attended the activities or classes we will email them to post a review. We encourage all BakeWithChef users to be considerate and adhere to our Community Guidelines and if there are reviews that violate these guidelines then yes, we will delete them.

Once your review is sent, it cannot be changed, BakeWithChef encourages honesty and open communication so both positive and negative reviews will be shown. However if any of these reviews violates our Community Guidelines then yes we will delete them.

Part 3. More about the company

We are founded by a fun and highly experience team and supported by Executive Master Chefs. You can read more about us from our About us page.

We are internally funded by the founders who are seasoned entrepreneurs and angel investors who appreciates having a bite of good pastries.

Internationally. You can view the online videos from the comfort of your home anywhere, anytime 24x7.

We are always looking for talented and highly motivated people to join the team. You can also be one of our Special Ops, a part-time contract role, digital marketer or volunteer on a casual basis as a Community Ambassador. If you are self-starter who enjoys a fun yet challenging start-up environment in the kitchen, please email us at hello@BakeWithChef.com. In your email, tell us a bit more of your motivation and what you would like to do in the kitchen.


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